A Global Insights Research Company

Our Project Experience includes:


AND                                                                                       BUSINESS TO

MEDICAL                               LEGAL                                      BUSINESS (B2b)

- Children                                - Change of Venue                       - Telecommunications

- Families                                - Intellectual Property                   - Education

- Adults                                   - Jury Persuasion                        - Health Care

- Geriatric                                - Product Liability                        - Retail

- Mental Health                        - Anti-trust                                  - Automotive

- Youth Violence                      - Labor/employment                     - Non-profit

- Trauma                                                                                   - Financial

Our Project Experience includes numerous projects in the B2b area with business executives, and work with Hispanic and African American groups as well as:

Specifically, our work helps clients with

§         Brand awareness, strategy & positioning

§         Strategic planning

§         Program evaluation

§         Advertising evaluation

§         Customer loyalty

§         Corporate sponsorship

§         Concept testing

§         Message development

§         Communication strategy

§         Opinion research

§         Targeting

G2 & Associates has the experience and know-how to use elicit and report qualitative insights that will put you in a position to best help your client in their decision making.   To that end we would like to be part of your team.