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Michael Mermelstein

Michael Mermelstein is a Riva trained moderator who has been working in the market research profession for over 20 years.  Michael is President of G2 & Associates, LLC.  Michael's experience includes brand awareness and positioning, strategic planning, program evaluation, advertising evaluation/testing, customer loyalty, corporate sponsorship, concept testing, message development, non-profits and opinion research.  Michael has led many groups and in-depth interviews with business executives as well as with consumers (including high-end consumers).

Michael’s inviting and approachable style makes it easy for people to express their opinions on any topic.  His business, cultural and social acumen combined with his research experience allows him to translate what he learns; showing how the words and ideas from participants on a given project relate to the big picture for the client.  This results in deep, actionable insights which help his clients reach their objectives. 

After 20+ years as a leader in the research profession Michael created G2 & Associates to put his passion for understanding people to work for clients.  Michael has an innate ability to use his know-how for research to create strong relationships with clients that work to their benefit.

 According to Jon Last, President of Sports and Leisure Research Group, “Michael brings a unique combination of experience and skill as a moderator, the ability to relate to people on multiple levels and in field management.  His record of leadership in the marketing research profession speaks volumes to the respect he has in the industry.”


skype: g2merms

Dr. Amy Mack

Senior Associate, Amy Mack holds a Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) in clinical psychology.  As a clinician turned researcher, she brings a broad range of expertise to the company.  Her solid background in program evaluation and development has primarily involved community, family, and youth related issues.  As a clinician, she worked in direct service community-based organizations, inpatient hospitals and hospital research labs addressing issues related to children, youth, families, adults and geriatric populations.  As a researcher, she studies, police-mental health partnerships; interventions to reduce the impact of trauma; gender violence/sexual harassment in middle schools; mentoring, dropout prevention; and child welfare.  Amy has conducted focus groups, individual interviews, and surveys, as well as facilitated meetings on a wide range of public health related topics.


Jennifer Cippoletti

Senior Associate, Jennifer Cippoletti has extensive experience in all aspects of survey research having worked on numerous quantitative and qualitative projects for a range of corporate, government clients and in the opinion research field.  Jennifer has extensive experience moderating focus groups on a range of topics and with a range of demographic groups.  She spent 6 years in jury consulting and conducted hundreds of focus groups with mock jurors in the areas of intellectual property, labor and employment, anti-trust, class-action and other criminal and civil disputes.  Her experience extends to the arena of politics and public policy, having conducted focus groups and one-on-one interviews on topics such as education, transportation, environment, and land use issues.  She has also had a lot of experience in traditional market research involving branding, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction.  Jennifer has interviewed everyone from business professionals to children to hard-to-reach populations such as intravenous drug users.


Ana Rivera

Senior Associate, Ana Rivera is a moderator and facilitator with over 20 years of research experience.  She has moderated over 2,500 focus groups and conducted numerous mock trials, political forums, town hall meetings, one-on-one interviews, and ethnographies.  Her vast experience includes working with advertising agencies, education and healthcare organizations, financial institutions, political strategy firms, packaged good companies and non-profit organizations.  Bilingual (Spanish) and bicultural, Ms. Rivera brings unparalleled insight and understanding of the different socio-economic and cultural forces within the general, Hispanic, African American and Asian cultures.